Saigon Laundry
A Novel

This is the second novel from indie author Hughes Keenan and the first of a new trilogy that weaves together art, crime, fantasy and mystery during the lent season.

Born to wealth and nobility, Jack Muerce is obligated to bestow a favor that draws him into a string of grisly murders that stain the Lenten calendar as his own season for atonement and absolution unfolds. The grotesque condition of the victims’ bodies mimic a series of six famous Medieval tapestries on display at the city’s elegant fine arts museum, and earn the killer the name - The Death Weaver. As the dismembered and elaborately embroidered corpses turn up across the city, Muerce comes face-to-face with a genocidal war criminal known as the Dragon, a psychopathic plastic surgeon, a flamboyant mob boss named Titty Boy, and his own shameful demons from the past. Like the tapestries, Muerce struggles to balance the five senses of earthly desire with his chivalric duty - A mon seul desir!

Hughes Keenan will be signing books at 7pm this Thursday, March 13th, at the Leopold Gallery in Brookside, Kansas City.

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