I was asked to design a cake box package. I had no idea what I was getting into but I said, OK.

The client was so happy that I was asked to art direct and design what is now the story of Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro's, new line of cakes going nationwide. While not as edgy or innovative (due to many factors) as it could have been, it turned out ok. You can buy and taste the cakes inspired by Buddy in Hoboken now at your local grocery store.

I worked with the talented photographer Craig Cutler to shoot all the cakes. I love chocolate cake just as much as chocolate muffins.

For the creation of the ads I had the opportunity to go to Hoboken, NJ and direct a shoot with Buddy.

The concept was to show Buddy leaving Hoboken with fans and towns people in the background seeing him off.

Before I knew it ads were appearing in Real Simple and People magazine. This ad was shot in 3 parts by the award-winning photographer, Jim Fiscus.

And then ads appeared on and other popular websites.

Last but not least came the microsite,

With the launch of his new cakes Buddy decided to throw a party. You could win a party thrown by Buddy in your hometown.

You can also watch Buddy design and create his cakes on the hit show Cake Boss on TLC and follow him on Facebook.

Thanks for everyone that helped created this project and get it done.

I leave you with a little shot of Buddy leaving Hoboken and taking his cakes nationwide.