We often identify a book by its cover, but which one. Most books get designed for one demographic, language, or country and then designed again for another. Often times a hardback will have a different jacket than the same book in paperback form. So there are very rarely just one cover for a specific book. The most interesting comparisons I find are the books that get printed in different languages and have totally different designers. I am guessing most reader's or designers don't see the various covers unless there is a reprint of their favorite classic or they run across the UK version for example.

Last week via twitter designer Dan Mogford shared his cover version of Rainbow Pie. A cover I originally did last year was being reprinted in mass market format. I know this is just one of many books with varying covers but I always find it interesting to see the different covers so I thought for this book I would share.

The cover that I designed was created with hand made type using duct tape; the military grade tape known for being a key part of the redneck repair kit. The tape was embossed for texture and had a varnish over it.

Dan's super slick version was made with 4 colour, laser foil and inspired by the Salton Sea in California.

This third cover is the US version which I am not sure who designed. I was given the image used on this cover of the author's family to try but in the end we ended up going with the duct tape concept instead.

So what cover do you identify with? What a difference markets, demographics and location make.