I WENT TO IDAHO / by Arthur Cherry


I added another state to the "Arthur was Here" list. Took a road trip with the fiance and family from Salt Lake City, Utah to Preston, Idaho over the Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

We stopped by a few locations where the movie Napoleon Dynamite was filmed. How could I not? I looked really hard for a lama but didn't see anything except for some white tail deer and cows. We stopped first at the High School. I got this photo of two former students. My fiance's father and aunt.

Preston High School

We stopped at Pop'n Pins to bowl a round but they were closed for the summer. So we took photos and played outside.



And we couldn't help but act like the big kids we are.

Whoa that is high!

This is Mabel, the fastest dog alive.


Happy Friday!