I have been lackadaisical about looking for a new/used commuter bike but would love to add another to my collection.

This morning after reading that Google has added bike directions to their maps (check it out) I looked again online to see what I could find. I found this 3-speed Belleville from Trek. It comes complete with racks, generator lights and its eco friendly. An eco friendly bike? Aren't they all?

Check out this little video about the design . . .

TREK DOCUMENT Belleville from AboutFace Media on Vimeo.

Sweet design and it all sounds awesome to me except for one little graph at the end didn't seem too eco-friendly. Made in China? What is that about?

Anyway it looks awesome and it doesn't use batteries so if you are looking for a new bike to commute on take one for a spin at your local dealer. If you want to learn more about the Trek eco design, watch more videos or see more pictures check out their story.