The same day I wrote about the best magazine ever I opened my mail box and received another issue of the worst magazine ever.

There it was in my stack of mail, the Marc Ecko Complex Magazine. This is my least favorite magazine and I know what you are thinking. "Why do you get it?" Good question but I have asked myself the same question many times. The truth is, I have no idea how it even started appearing in my mail box to begin with. The first time I saw it in my mail I thought the postman put it in the wrong mailbox. It wouldn't be the first time that has happened.

Nope, it was in the right mailbox. It was addressed to me.

I have been receiving it for several months without ever reading it. Each issue has just been laying around taking up space. Part of the reason I never tried to read it is that it's busy and full of junk filling every page to every edge. The design and photography is mostly mediocre. Ok, I have seen some cool stuff.

Yes, its target market might be the 20-30 urban male that likes style but I guess I am a different kind of urban male with a different style. You would think that a magazine that has young beautiful women gracing the covers would appeal more to me but sadly this magazine makes me sick to even look at it let alone try to read it.

A month or two ago I went to the magazine website to unsubscribe to this magazine I was getting for free. There was no unsubscribe anywhere (if there is, let me know). I decided I would write Mr. Marc Ecko or at least Complex and tell them I no longer wanted their magazine.

I wrote:

Please remove me from your mailing list as I would no longer like to receive your ultimate buyer's guide for men (or something like that).

I hit send. Never heard anything from Marc or Complex.

And what did I find in my mailbox just the other day. The October/November issue.

Since I have another magazine I don't want I weighed my options. Instead of just tossing it out, I could either try to send it back with a lovely message or I could give it away to someone that appreciates urban style, hip hop, and magazines with no leading or negative space.

What do you think? Send it back or give it away?

If you or someone you know wants/needs a FREE magazine about urban men's style leave a comment or send me an email.

Will make a great white elephant gift.
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