It's true, the identity of non-profits are changing and so must the face of the cause. More and more non profits are hiring professional designers to create new websites, brochures, ad campaigns and branding. People are tired of the status quo and fed up with the established ways of how things have been done. Just like commercial business some of the old ways of advertising and fundraising just don't work anymore.

The stories are not just written stories anymore, they have been changed from telethons to new approaches using logos, websites, and video. So how are non-profits standing out in a growing crowd? The are not only concerned about the story but more so about the marketing and design.

The The Girl Effect is a great example of how one non-profit uses type to illustrate its story. I can't stop watching it. Watch it below.

Below are just a few more samples of other non-profits and their websites that have used design and branding to carry their message with an impact.

Charity: Water


Creative Capital

Book Trust

The Designers Accord

The National Parks

Take the Walk

The amount of individuals and businesses donating is growing and the amount of opportunity to get involved is greater than ever with sites like and Changing the Present. Non-profits must stand out and they are.

Is it time to change?

Time to evolve?

Time to hire a designer?

What non-profits are you attracted to and which ones use good design?

If you are a non-profit and looking for a designer, contact me.
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