On Facebook from my friend and fellow book designer Charles Brock was this statement, "Its a sad day when the author of one of the best selling books of all time feels the need to have a cover design contest for his next book."

That is right, for whatever reason people feel the need to have design contests for professional work. And now unfortunately it has crept into the book industry.

This contest which is being sponsored by the author Rick Warren, the publishing company Zondervan, and/or another marketing team is giving away $5000 (up from $3000) for the design for the cover of The Hope You Need. Just recently the site added a few specs, oh and now some strict guidelines. Even with the high prize money it is still better to hire a professional designer and give him/her $3000 and get a book cover that will look professional rather than having people design in Microsoft Word. What a waste of money! Why not use the extra money to fight poverty Mr. Warren, isn't that what this book is about?

These concepts are why you hire a designer and pay him/her what its worth to create a well designed cover that will work for the market its being sold to. Contests reap a lot of junk.

UPDATED: My Favorite

And finally #551 which was removed.

See the rest here.

ZONDERVAN / RICK WARREN HIRE A DESIGNER and quit using lame contests which only devalue designers and produce a lower quality of work.
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