Almost everything gets designed and then redesigned in its lifetime. Our living spaces get redesigned. The products we buy and the packages they come in get redesigned. Cars get redesigned on a yearly basis. iPods typically get redesigned right before Christmas. I have even redesigned a book or two.

For more than a generation, there has been a desire by many to redesign health care yet it still looks like it did in the 1930s. Not much has stayed the same over our lifetime like health care has except for a few logos like Coca-Cola but even that has been tweaked. Now, more than ever, it looks as though this might all change. One of the biggest social redesigns of our life time might be right around the corner. Will it work? What will it look like? None of us, not even the politicians, know yet.

Before starting any design or a redesign there must be a market understanding and background research. This is where we are at.

What will work and what won't? President Obama thinks he knows. But wait. Others have had ideas also.

What are others doing? The below video from Frontline investigates what other "rich" countries have done and are doing with their health care.

Will we see something similar to these other countries? The fact, with insurance becoming harder to get especially for the unemployed, is that there must be a redesign in health care. However, as most town hall meetings show, "design by committee" will not work. Or will it?

Check out this investigation.

Another interesting site about those that have suffered because of this country’s health care system.

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